Chris Hemsworth is firing back at Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino and defending the superhero realm against their scathing critiques.

In a recent profile with GQ, the magnetic Marvel star, 39, opened up about his thoughts on the legendary director’s dismissive critiques of the Marvel movies and the actors that star in them.

For reference, Scorsese, the director behind “Taxi Driver”, said Marvel movies are like an “amusement park” and not cinema while talking with Empire Magazine in 2019. Tarantino, 60, who helmed classics like “Pulp Fiction”, said that the characters like Captain America are the stars, not the actors, while on a podcast in 2022.

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Hemsworth, who stars as the heroic and hammer-wielding Thor, said their comments were “super depressing.”

“There goes two of my heroes I won’t work with. I guess they’re not a fan of me.”

Despite the somewhat negative reception from the two acclaimed directors, Hemsworth still sees more “Thor” films in his acting future.

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 “I love the experience,” he says of filming the movies. “I love the fact that I’ve been able to do something fairly different throughout the process. ‘Thor’ 1 and 2 were their own thing, ‘Thor’ 3 and 4 were a very different feel… and then even ‘Avengers, the Lebowski ‘Thor’, the ‘Infinity War Thor, due to different directors and I think mostly my own need to do something different.”

Hemsworth concluded his thoughts on a humourous note, joking: “You know, I got sick of the character pretty quick every couple of years.”