Prince Harry blames the tabloids for at least one of his breakups.

On Tuesday, the royal filed a written testimony to the High Court in London in his case against Mirror Group Newspapers, claiming that they caused his split from ex Chelsy Davy.

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“I trusted Chelsy with the most private of information,” he said in the testimony, according to The New York Times.

He went on to claim that “the prying eyes of the tabloids,” strained their relationship and was “the main factor” in their eventual breakup.

“We could also never understand how private elements of our life together were finding their way into the tabloids, and so our circle of friends became smaller and smaller,” Harry added. “I remember finding it very hard to trust anyone, which led to bouts of depression and paranoia.”

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He also said that he now regrets having cut friends out of his life over fears that they had been the source of various leaks to the tabloid press.

Harry and Davy dated on-and-off from 2004 to 2010.

Much of the Duke of Sussex’s case against the publish is focused on details from his relationship with Davy that were leaked to the press, claiming that articles were regularly published featuring information from private conversations that could only have been obtained by illicit means.

Lawyers for Mirror Group pushed back on the assertion, claiming that “there was no need for the Daily Mirror journalists to use unlawful means” as information about Harry was first published by other outlets.