Maren Morris shares how the music industry and beyond can help fight back against bigotry on the LGBTQ+ community.

The country star and outspoken advocate for queer and trans people interviews drag’s biggest stars for Billboard‘s annual Pride issue, highlighting why it’s essential to speak up for the drag and wider LGBTQ communities during a time where anti-LGBTQ+ legislation is currently sweeping the U.S., especially in states like Florida and Tennessee. So-called “drag bans” are quickly capturing national attention with states prohibiting public performances or shows in the presence of minors, ultimately threatening the livelihood and artistic freedom of drags.

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Morris says the vague laws force others to individually interpret their enforcement with hypothetical questions like: “If Harry Styles comes and does a concert at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville and has on a frilly shirt or a skirt or a dress… What do we do then?

“In a place like Tennessee, it’s obviously really meant to fearmonger,” she says.

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Morris, who has used her platform to call out the mistreatment of the LGBTQ+ community both inside and out of the music industry, shares her take on how the industry can help speak against such attacks.

“I have heard the term ‘Shut up and sing’ more times than I can count — that’s always the cutesy little threat that they like to make. So I would say to my peers who are artists and to record-label heads, publishers, songwriters: I don’t think any of us got into this art form to be an activist, but that’s ultimately thrust upon you to exist in this space and to feel like you can sleep at night,” she tells drag star Landon Cider for Billboard. “You’re going to lose fans along the way — that is just part and parcel of being public-facing. But there is a lane that you’re widening; I see it year over year at my shows, the crowd feels so diverse and so safe.

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“I know everyone likes money, but is it worth your biography saying that you never picked a side?,” she adds, “because both sides pay money to buy a T-shirt.”

Billboard’s Pride Issue featuring Morris and drag luminaries Cider, Sasha Colby, Eureka O’Hara and Symone appears in the publication’s June 10, 2023 issue.