After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2021, Christina Applegate’s future as an actress remains uncertain.

In a candid conversation with Variety published on Wednesday, the Emmy-winning actress delved into her acting future, unveiling her plans following her MS diagnosis.

“We don’t know what my future as an actress is going to be,” she explained to the publication.

 “How can I handle it? How can I go onto a set and call the shots of what I need as far as my boundaries, physically? I don’t know who is going to be as loving and understanding as this group of people were.”

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Despite her uncertain stance towards returning to set, Applegate has behind-the-scenes projects lined up, including a podcast with another friend who also has MS and shares her dry sense of humour regarding their shared situation.

Her most recent project, “Dead to Me”, aired last its final season on Netflix last fall and saw Applegate, 51, play Jen Harding, a mother-of-two who befriends the woman involved in her husband’s hit-and-run death. 

Applegate openly acknowledges her challenges with MS and expresses profound gratitude for her incredible support from the “Dead to Me” cast and crew. Their unwavering accommodation played a crucial role in helping her complete the series, making it a notable milestone in her career.

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Months after its release, Applegate mustered the emotional strength to watch the final season of “Dead to Me,” a challenging task due to the painful memories it evoked.

Despite the difficulties, she recognized the beauty of the work and expressed gratitude to series creator Liz Feldman for believing in her capabilities.

Applegate also extends heartfelt appreciation to her co-star, Cardellini, who played Judy to her Jen. She acknowledges their collaboration’s profound impact on her: “If this is my last job, thank God it was with her.”