Mitch Rossell had the “America’s Got Talent” audience and judges feeling all of the emotions during his audition.

The country singer, 35, took to the stage to sing an original song, titled “Son”, after he tragically lost his dad at age 10 in a drunk driving accident.

He told viewers how they would listen to country music together and would drive around in the car singing.

Rossell recalled, “We were so poor, but he loved me so much — he bought me a little guitar when I was a kid.

“He always wanted me to play growing up. And I was too rambunctious, was always into sports, and just didn’t take the time to learn and didn’t want to learn.”

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The heartfelt lyrics had the audience in tears, with him explaining after the stunning performance: “I went for years and never wrote a song about it, and had a son of my own, and I think that really allowed me to finally write about it and bring it full circle.”

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Heidi Klum said the song was “beautiful,” adding: “Everyone in this room was feeling everything that you were singing.”

Sofia Vergara called the whole thing “spectacular,” while Simon Cowell said: “You could hear a pin drop during the entire performance, and it was sincere.

“I really, really think people are going to connect with you, the song — this was a great audition. Brilliant.”