Jennifer Aniston is taking it easier these days.

In a new interview with InStyle, the “Friends” star talked about the toll she took on her body by working out too hard over the years.

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“When you’re in a mindset of, ‘I need to do 45 minutes of cardio or I won’t get a good workout,’ it’s daunting,” she shared. “I believed it for so long. I just burnt out and broke my body.”

She continued, “My physical therapist gave me a Barbie doll that’s covered in Kinesio tape,” explaining that the therapist used the doll “to show every injury I’ve had in the last 15 years.”

Since then, Aniston has begun to go easier on herself after discovering the Pvolve workout method, which is a much lower impact style training than she had been doing previously.

“My girlfriend, who I hadn’t seen since the pandemic, had completely transformed her body. Her body was beautiful, but she also said her energy was like it had never been before,” Aniston said of a friend turning her on to the method.

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“Crossfit is too aggressive. It’s about quantity, not quality, and it’s too hard on the body,” the actress said, adding that she also tried boxing. “I had a great time, but it was really hard on my wrists.”

Aniston also said, “I much prefer working out with friends. Doing your own workout by yourself, meh. If you get some good music going you can have fun, but I like to be guided. It’s too easy for me to do things less correctly than I should.”