Niall Horan is preparing to hit the road for a world tour next year, in conjunction with the release of his latest album The Show — which arrives on Friday, June 9.

Promoting the tour, Horan sat down for a lengthy interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, who asked about those persistent rumours of a One Direction reunion.

“It’s just like the conversation hasn’t happened,” Horan explained.

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“It’s a great legacy to have. No, I don’t think it sucks the air out the room. It’s more, the answer’s still the same. The conversation hasn’t happened,” he continued. “We speak regularly, but that conversation hasn’t happened. God knows whether it ends up being. It could be like the ‘Friends’ reunion, it could be a whole tour. God knows what it is, but no, it hasn’t been spoken about.”

Horan also revealed whether he’d be performing any vintage 1D songs during the upcoming tour.

“More than likely, yeah. I’ve never been one to hide away from it,” he said.

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“They’re great songs,” Horan added. “There’s so many on there that feel like my kind of stuff as well. And it’s good to make new versions of as well.”

Horan’s The Show Live On Tour 2024 kicks off on May 29, 2024.