Khloé Kardashian is setting the record straight about whether she’ll be rekindling her romance with Tristan Thompson anytime soon.

On the latest episode of “The Kardashians”, Kardashian was seen chatting with her mom Kris Jenner about her relationship with Thompson; whom she shares daughter True, 5, and son Tatum, 10 months, with.

The Good American co-founder shared, “Tristan and I, we always get along great. Him and I have a great friendship relationship, we get along fine, and for my kids, I will put anything to the side,” People reported.

“What’s done is done, so what would I still be holding on to something for? I don’t need to ‘punish’ him because I’m not getting back with him,” she added, referencing his multiple cheating scandals.

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Jenner commented on seeing Thompson giving True breakfast one day, calling the daddy-daughter moment “really cute.”

“Yeah, if I’m not here, when I’m not around, he’s here,” Kardashian insisted. “I would rather him be here than the nanny.”

However, she added, “There’s still boundaries, I’m definitely putting my foot down around a lot of things. No one’s just here chilling if there’s no kids involved.”

Kardashian spoke further about where their relationship stands in a confessional on the show.

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She told the camera, “These boundaries are so important to put into place with Tristan because we’ve done this song and dance a handful of times already.

“I’ve gotten back with him after a cheating scandal so I don’t know if Tristan is under the impression, ‘Oh wow, OK, let’s just ride this out and eventually she’ll get back with me.’”

“I get why he would think that, so it’s my job to set boundaries that my actions show otherwise,” the reality TV star went on. “I keep it very short and sweet and make sure he knows it’s always about the kids because it’s so easy to fall back into [habits]. I can’t let those old habits easily come into my life. It’s just not what I want.”

Kardashian told her mom, “It’s always about the kids, and that’s what it is. But we’re not just hanging out by ourselves.”

Kardashian isn’t one to hold back when it comes to responding to trolls commenting on her relationship with Thompson. Last month, she slammed “tiring” and “exhausting” speculation about the pair getting back together. See more in the clip below.