Kathy Griffin is sharing a health update after her latest post-lung cancer surgery.

The comedian — who announced she was officially cancer free in December 2021 — took to social media to talk fans through her recent surgery on her left vocal cord.

Griffin explained how she wanted to “be in good shape for my big Vegas show on June 17″ as she gave social media users a behind-the-scenes look at the op.

She added the text, “Trigger warning: medical/graphic,” before telling fans: “You’re about to see some s**t.”

The camera then showed Griffin at a “pre-op appointment,” where she explained how she’d be undergoing surgery the following morning.

“This is a really kick-ass female voice surgeon,” Griffin gushed.

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A screen gave fans a look at the inside of Griffin’s throat and vocal cords, with her joking: “Yes I know my vocal cords look like a mini vagina. Deal with it.”

The star then gave fans a look at herself post-surgery while recovering in a hospital bed.

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She told the camera, “I’m a little scratchy today, but I’ll be in good shape.”

Griffin explained how her latest surgery was “part of my recovery post-lung cancer surgery. I’m cancer free.”

She captioned the post, “I so appreciate you guys following along on my journey to get my voice back after #lungcancer ! Big shout out to Dr.Barbu @voicesurgeon @beverlyhillsvoice #wellnessjourney #cancer #kathygriffin #comedy #standup #recovery #survivor”

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