In the midst of becoming a new mom, Lindsay Lohan is still committed to executing her latest potential project.

In a new cover story with Allure, the iconic star opened up about seeking guidance on work-life balance as a future working mom in Hollywood. Lohan contacted her past co-star and Hollywood veteran, Jamie Lee Curtis, for valuable advice.

As confirmed last month by The New York Times, Curtis, 64, and Lohan, 36, are in discussions for a potential sequel to their smash-hit film “Freaky Friday”.

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“She was like, ‘You just bring the baby with you, and everything will be fine,'” shared Lohan, who played Curtis’ rebellious teenage daughter in the 2003 body-swapping comedy, which grossed a massive $160 million at the box office.

The “Mean Girls” star married Credit Suisse financer Bader Shammas in 2022 and announced they’re welcoming a baby earlier this year on Instagram

Lindsay Lohan in ‘Allure’
Lindsay Lohan in ‘Allure’ — Photo: Ben Hassett/Allure

As she gears up to hopefully make her eagerly awaited return to the big screen, Lohan also revealed to the mag that she would love to hold some power behind the camera, admitting she would enjoy producing romantic comedies.

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Lindsay Lohan in ‘Allure’
Lindsay Lohan in ‘Allure’ — Photo: Ben Hassett/Allure

“I know that arena so well,” she explains. “I’ve dreamed of working with Scorsese and del Toro, but I’m not going to try and exec-produce their movies. I’m not going to be like, ‘Oh, I want to do a Marvel.'”

Lohan’s mind is bursting with new endeavours for herself, sharing: “Do I want to build my own brand? Do I want to relaunch a new production company? All of these kinds of things I can take time to think about.” 

She relocated to Dubai in 2014, adding that living there “gives me that space to have my own vision of what I need to do next.”