“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Luis “Louie” Ruelas has been hit with a restraining order.

According to Us Weekly, the order was filed by the reality star’s ex-fiancée, Vanessa Reiser, who has claimed that he harassed her.

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Reiser’s attorney told the magazine that his client alleges her ex hired a private investigation company to place an employee under a fake name in order to “stalk, harass and otherwise appear as a ‘patient’ of my client under false pretences.”

The licensed therapist claims that Ruelas has been attempting to “intimidate” her, and says the undercover employee had visited her “three or four times” as a patient.

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During their sessions, Reiser says the woman “strangely” asked questions about her past relationship with the “Real Housewives” star.

“The manner in which [Luis] went about fraudulently invading her profession raises the level of fear in that, even with prior Civil Restraint Orders/ Agreements in place that codify that he and she are mutually not to have this type of conduct to or against each other, he seemingly acts with contempt of same,” Reiser’s lawyer said. “This has got to stop.”

Ruelas has not addressed the allegations.