Despite the controversy, “The Idol” is still providing the bops.

The Weeknd, who stars in the series and helps co-create it with “Euphoria” director Sam Levinson, dropped the sexually-charged track “World Class Sinner/I’m A Freak” featuring Lily-Rose Depp and the hauntingly captivating “The Lure” on Friday.

“The Idol” delves into the story of a world-famous pop star, portrayed by Depp, who finds herself entangled in a provocative relationship with Tedros (The Weeknd), a self-help guru and cult leader.

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“World Class Sinner/I’m A Freak” already aired in last week’s episode of the glamorously dark series, which was the series’ first episode. The track served as the comeback track for Depp’s character Jocelyn.

The second single, “The Lure”, takes a different approach from its counterpart, embracing a slower and hauntingly eerie atmosphere that sets the tone for the entire six-episode series. The esteemed Mike Dean and The Weeknd co-wrote the song.

The Weeknd shared on social media before dropping the new tracks that he was “too hyped” to release the songs.

“I was planning on dropping the whole soundtrack for idol by the finale, but I’m too hyped,” he excitedly revealed in an Instagram post. “Instead, I wanna drop new music from the show every week with each episode.”

He elaborated: “I’m excited for you guys to hear what we’ve been cooking and all these incredible artists that are a part of this show…this week… Jocelyn’s pop song’ World Class Sinner’ and ‘The Lure’ (theme score)… episode 2 this Sunday.”

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Before the release of these two tracks, the first single unveiled was “Double Fantasy”, a collab between The Weeknd and Future.

Then came “Popular”, a collab featuring Playboi Carti and the iconic queen of pop herself, Madonna.

An upcoming soundtrack album for the series, “The Idol Vol. 1”, is set to be released on June 30. Give the new tracks a listen below.