Alicia Silverstone is turning a new political leaf.

On Wednesday, the “Clueless” actress, 46, took to Instagram to share an endorsement for one of Biden’s presidential opponents, Robert F. Kennedy, while also adding that she’s become disappointed with Democrat leadership.

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“Last year, I cancelled my Democratic Party registration and registered as an Independent voter,” Silverstone shared on Instagram. “Like many others, I am deeply disappointed with political leadership at every turn.”

The actress said she was tired of “the division, the lies, [and] the profiteering at the expense of the people and public health.”

She passionately reached out to those who had felt “disenfranchised by our government”, urging them to embrace the opportunity of giving the Biden challenger a chance.

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She made a case for Kennedy’s ability to bridge divides and foster unity across the nation, rekindling trust in our government for “young and old to trust our government again.”

Silverstone, renowned for her fierce advocacy of animal rights, has also become recognized for her outspoken stance against vaccines.

This past April, Kennedy launched his Democratic presidential primary challenge against President Biden for the 2024 election.