Kim Kardashian is earning acting accolades from Zachary Quinto.

Quinto, 46, recently confirmed he’ll be a guest on the upcoming “American Horror Story” season featuring Kardashian, 42.

The 46-year-old actor expressed genuine admiration for Kardashian’s acting prowess during the premiere of his latest project, “He Went That Way”, at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday.

While speaking with People, he also confirmed his appearance in the upcoming season 12 of the renowned series, “American Horror Story: Delicate”.

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“I did a cameo on this season of American Horror Story and I got to meet her,” began the actor. “She was so lovely and warm and, really, I don’t think she needs my advice.”

He emphasized that the SKIMS founder exudes natural comfort in front of the camera, leaving no doubt in his mind that she will deliver a great performance.

“She seemed really in her element, and I was really impressed by her spirit and her openness,” shared Quinto. “I really look forward to seeing this season because I think she’s gonna do a wonderful job.”

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His supportive words come after Sharon Stone’s critique of Kardashian’s casting in “American Horror Story”. Unleashing her disapproval, the 65-year-old “Basic Instinct” actress took to Instagram in April, responding to a post highlighting Patti LuPone’s criticism.

“Well… you know… acting,” wrote the Oscar winner. “It may not be brain surgery but we do treasure our art.”

In April, the reality TV star announced she would join the highly anticipated 12th season’s cast.